Kate Young

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According to my mom—which, her information is suspect a lot of the time—my first word was “shoe.” In nursery school, when I would go to the library for reading group, all I wanted to do was sit in the magazine section and read Vogue and Cosmo. I wasn’t allowed to read Cosmo because it was racy, but I was allowed to read SeventeenYM, and Vogue because they didn’t have any sex stuff. I got my first subscription to Vogue for Christmas when I was six.

I thought I wanted to be a fashion writer. I wanted to be Dorothy Parker. I got a job at Vogue because I thought I could do the exact same thing she did: become a caption writer, then write features, and then write about fashion. Once I actually had the opportunity to write something, I realized it wasn’t something that came easily to me, so I decided to move to the other side of the hall, which was where the editorial fashion shoots happened.