Jessy Hodges

The actress on Michigan pride, Broadway pay, and smoking with parents. 


I’m very proud to be from Michigan. I grew up in Huntington Woods, which is a suburb just outside of Detroit, but also very much a world away. It’s a small little town that has that small town feel, but in the middle of a very bustling metropolitan area. 

I’m from a super Jewish area where there were three bar and bat mitzvahs a weekend and people competed for who was going to which one. This might be an old statistic at this point but, historically, Detroit has the densest population of Jews in the United States outside of New York and Los Angeles. I am proudly a part of that. Yeah, I love Michigan.


It was my first professional theater experience, and my last.



I’ve never found a strain—sativa, indica, whatever—that doesn’t eventually put me to sleep.