Jenn Tardif

The founder of 3rd Ritual on synesthesia, the quietude of weed, and how medium is the new big.


I feel like I’m a woman of many slashes. But I celebrate succinctness, so I guess, in a single word, I’m a teacher. 

3rd Ritual is very much my life’s work, but I’m also involved in a couple of other projects. I’ve never publicly explained that 3rd Ritual is really one of a trifecta of offerings. It’s a labor of love. When I say that, people are often like, “Well, then how do you make money?” That comes from the work that I do at Sky Ting, as well as with a new wellness startup that’s still under wraps.


I see the alphabet: A is red, B is a kind of orange-y brown, C is a charcoal-y, grayish-purple.