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High Energy CBG Delights

High Energy CBG Delights

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Introducing High Energy CBG Delights, the latest from our friends at Rose Los Angeles.

This fresh-pressed green juice flavor is made from apple, spinach, watercress, cucumber, and ginger, and 10 mg of full-spectrum rosin pressed from CBG White grown by Sonoma Hills Farm—the same hemp flower you’ll find in our Happy Hour pre-rolls. CBG White's cannabinoid and terpene profile offers a calming and uplifting feeling, which is combined with goji berry, cherry coffee tea, and lion’s mane mushroom for additional brain-boosting benefits and High Energy experience.

The Details: Rose specializes in small-batch runs of seasonally-inspired Turkish delights handmade with local ingredients and flower rosin that’s meticulously pressed in house. The use of rosin—unlike solvent-extracted distillate commonly found in edibles—preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes as they are found in the plant, increasing the effective dose and bioavailability of the full-spectrum CBD in each piece. In other words: they taste better and make you feel better, too. 

The Instructions: Eat one or two whenever you want and allow up to 2 hours to take effect. (Some people may need more, some people may need less.)  

The Big Questions: When the recommended dose is taken, the effects are non-intoxicating (please don’t eat, like, seven of them). And yes, these Delights are available nationwide with free shipping.

The Strain: CBG White is a premium strain of hemp flower bred for elevated levels of cannabigerol, a potent anti-inflammatory cannabinoid known for its energizing effects and “cognitive enhancing” potential. The flower is grown, harvested, and processed by Sonoma Hills Farms in Northern California, utilizing organic and regenerative farming techniques, including crop rotation, which means the hemp grows in the same soil as organic vegetables, and is never treated with pesticides or chemicals.

High Energy CBG Delights High Energy CBG Delights
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