Tiffany Chin

The CEO of Death Row Cannabis on smoking Snoop Dogg’s weed, marrying her dealer, and parenting precautions.


I was born in Ohio, raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and when I was 10, my dad’s job moved us to Beijing.

I don’t know who does this anymore but, at the time, the company paid for all of the relocation expenses—like your moving costs, your apartment, your child’s education, all these different things. We were definitely in our own little bubble of other expatriates, other transplants. Everyone kind of looked and sounded like me, but they were from Canada, Australia, the U.K., Mexico, Korea—all over. It was an interesting experience to go from a very middle class lifestyle in the Midwest to being in the capital of one of the most populated countries in the world.


I remember watching movies that really glorified the American high school experience and wondering what that life would be like.



I’ve always been a fan of Snoop.